Additional Products

CG 2100

CG2100 is a hollow ceramic micro sphere powder extender for use with Accella™ Roofing Systems.

CWS Sealant

CWS Sealant seals dynamically moving joints such as expansion and control joints,concrete panel joints, tilt-up panel joints, curtainwall joints, perimeter caulking, etc.

Elastotite G20140

The ELASTOTITE G20140 Roofing Adhesive is a low viscosity; all water-blown, spray applied polyurethane adhesive with high bonding strength and a large temperature application range to be used for the attachment of rigid insulation boards to various substrates.


HP404 is a highly concentrated low-sudsing biodegradable cleaning solution.

Seal-Tek SF200

SF200 is stitch-bonded polyester for use with Accella™ roofing and waterproofing systems.

Seal-Tek 800

Seal-Tek 800 is a single-component, high-tensile aliphatic mastic.

Seal-Tek MF20/20

MF20/20 is a micro-fine manufactured high-tensile polyethylene fiber used as a general thickener to increase tensile strength and reduce sag for Accella™ silicone, urethane and acrylic coatings.

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