How ACCELLA™ Spray Foam Roof Systems outperform all of the others.

Best insulation. Period!

Unmatched R-Value per square inch of any roofing system — ENERGY STAR compliant.

Unbeatable Durability

With proper maintenance, your Accella™ Spray Foam Roof System can outlive your building.

Superior leak protection.

Seamless, monolithic roof eliminates thermal leaks typically found in other roofing systems.

Coolest roof available.

Offers the highest reflectivity from seamless bright white coating.

The Most Flexibility.

Conforms to any surface, angle or substrate — accommodates your specific roof install specifications to ensure ultimate performance.

Substantially reduces life cycle cost.

ROI in an average of only 4 years from energy savings.

What is the ACCELLA™ Spray Foam Roofing System?

How It Works

  • Accommodates your specific roof install specifications to ensure ultimate performance
  • Conforms to any surface, angle or substrate
  • Improved drainage
  • Easily achieve desired slope
  • Ability to vary thickness to eliminate low spots and Ponding/standing water
  • 100% elimination of seams and joints
  • No additional flashing, caulks or sealants needed—all additional potential points of failure.

Did you know this about spray foam roofing?

The dirt and aggregate cleaned off to prep a roof can weigh more than a new Accella™ Spray Foam Roof.

Average payback for Spray Foam Roof in energy savings alone is 4.5 years. (Texas A&M)
Thermal leaks common in other roofing systems can reduce energy efficiency by as much as 38%.
Texas Instruments survey of over 3million sq ft of roofing didn’t find a single incident of leaking.

Warranties backed by ACCELLA™.

ACCELLA™ Spray Foam Roofing Systems and Coatings use materials that are unmatched when compared to any other roofing system. Our Approved Applicators are highly trained, professional installers that get it right the first time. And we’re so sure of both, that it’s frankly quite easy for us to provide our Accella Polyurethane Systems™ backed Warranty.

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