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The Carlisle Spray Foam
Roofing System

There are some things that should never make it onto your to-do list and replacing your building’s roof should be one of them.   That’s why it is important to select a roofing system for your building that will perform to your needs from day one.  The Carlisle Spray Foam Roofing System outperforms all the rest and is the best overall roofing system solution that will allow you to keep your attention elsewhere and provide an ROI very quickly.

Unmatched Performance

Best insulation. Period!  Keeps your AC in or the cold out better than any other solution

  • Unmatched R-Value per square inch of any roofing system
  • Expands to 30 times volume
  • ENERGY STAR compliant

Unbeatable Durability. Carlisle Spray Foam Roof Systems are the toughest of the tough

  • With proper maintenance your Carlisle Spray Foam Roof System can outlive your building
  • Compressive strength is 50 psi/sq inch
  • Lightweight (< 1lb/sq ft) significantly reduces load and stress on building structure
  • Wind Uplift Resistance – combination of strength, rigidity and lightweight combine to ward off the effects of uplift

Superior leak protection

  • Seamless, monolithic roof eliminates thermal leaks typically found in other roofing systems
  • No seams, No fasteners, No joints
  • Self-flashing system

Coolest roof available

  • Highest reflectivity from seamless bright white coating
  • ENERGY STAR compliant
  • Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) compliant
  • Leed Approved
  • UL Class A Fire Rated and FM Global Approved

Most Flexibility. Accommodates your specific roof install specifications to ensure ultimate performance

  • Conforms to any surface, angle or substrate
  • Improved drainage
  • Easily achieve desired slope
  • Ability to vary thickness to eliminate low spots and ponding/standing water
  • 100% elimination of seams and joints
  • No additional flashing, caulks or sealants needed – all additional potential points of failure.

An ROI That Won’t Quit

  • Pays for itself in an average of only 4 years from energy savings
  • Reduces heat loss and heat gain
  • Reduces amount of energy needed to heat or cool
  • Ease of maintenance and repairs
  • Minimal disruption to business for install
  • Option to restore your existing roof without costly tear-out
  • Warranty backed by Carlisle Companies Incorporated, Approved Applicators and 3rd Party Inspectors


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