What would a worry free roofing system be without a warranty backing it up?

ACCELLA™ Spray Foam Roofing Systems and Coatings use materials that are unmatched when compared to any other roofing system. Our Approved Applicators are highly trained, professional installers that get it right the first time. And we’re so sure of both, that it’s frankly quite easy for us to provide our ACCELLA Polyurethane Systems™ Warranty.

Warranty By ACCELLA™

An ACCELLA Roofing Solutions™ Warranty is backed by ACCELLA Polyurethane Systems™. What does that mean to you? First it means that our corporate culture of quality assurance and heroic customer service is integral in every one of our business units…ACCELLA Roofing Solutions™ included. And it means that you can rest assured your Warranty carries the full weight of our overall company resources to support it…the people, the financial backing and the service!

Approved Applicators

ACCELLA™ Approved Applicators are at the top of their game. They know what it takes to get the most out of Spray Foam Roofing. They know what to look for that might need special attention with your specific roof’s requirements. And most of all, they are well trained in safety and OSHA standards throughout the entire process.

Independent Inspectors

You heard it right. ACCELLA Roofing Solutions™ goes the extra step and hires an independent inspector to examine every newly installed ACCELLA™ Spray Foam Roof and/or Coating to ensure proper application. You can be sure when our Approved Applicator leaves your site, your roof will perform for years to come.

The Most Flexible Roofing In The Business Has The Most Flexible Warranty Options To Match

Accella™ Roofing Systems offers a selection of warranties for spray foam roofing systems and coating restorations to suit your needs.

Warranties available for:

Roofing Systems
Wind Damage

All with your choice of terms:

5 Years
10 Years
15 Years
20 Years