Roof Restoration


The Carlisle Roofing
Restoration System

Is your roof warranty expired? Would you like to extend the life or your existing roof system? Avoid the expense and risk of a roof replacement. Keep your roof cool, bright and attractive with our line-up of advanced silicone and acrylic roof coatings. Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings has developed specific application guidelines for each of our products that will guarantee a high-performance roof restoration.

Proven for most substrates

With over 200 years of combined experience, let the Carlisle Roof Foam and Coatings Team show how our proven coating systems deliver cost-effective ways to save you money and energy by installing one of our coating systems. Good candidates for restoration include:

  • Single plies (EPDM, PVC, TPO, Hypalon)
  • Asphalt/modified bitumen
  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • SPF

Budget Smart

Save money by restoring rather than replacing an entire roof.

  • Extend your roof’s lifespan
  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • Minimize disruption for building occupants
  • Comply with building codes that generally don’t allow a third roof system


Air conditioning is your building’s most expensive environmental control. A coated roof is a cool roof, with these benefits:

  • Rooftop A/C units work less and take in cooler air, for more efficient operation
  • Ductwork beneath the roof stays cooler, further increasing energy efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

With minimal tear-off, less waste goes to landfills—and more money stays in your pocket. Silicone coatings are renewable and can be VOC-compliant. Cool roof technology further enhances sustainability by reducing urban heat islands.

Rated, Approved and Guaranteed

Poly-Sil single-ply silicone coatings are known for superior weathering and water resistance.

  • Long-lasting, breathable membrane
  • Seamless coating resists UV and ponding water
  • Inorganic material does not support algae growth