Roof Coatings

Acry-Tek 4200

Acry-Tek 4200 is a single-component, high-body, 60% solids emulsion polymer, based on pure elastomeric acrylic resins for spray, brush, or roller application.

Acry-Tek 5000

Acry-Tek 5000 is a bright white, high hide, single component, low viscosity, high body 50% solids emulsion polymer, based on elastomeric acrylic resins for spray, brush or roller applications.

Acry-Tek 9000

Acry-Tek 9000 is a single-component aliphatic acrylic polymer, designed for a high-performance finish coat. Acry-Tek 9000 has the advantage of high tensile and elongation, with the ease of water-based application. Excellent UV stability and hide.

Aluma-Tek 6300

Aluma-Tek 6300-F Fibered Aluminum Roof Coating consists of high quality oxidized cutback asphalt, NON-asbestos fiber fillers and premium quality aluminum pigments which flake and float to the surface upon application.

Bu-Tek 6004

Bu-Tek 6004 is a two-component, 1:1 mix, batch grade Lead Free Butyl Vapor Barrier coating.

Poly-Sil 2200

Poly-Sil 2200 is a ready-to-use, single-component, solvent- borne, moisture-cured, fluid-applied silicone coating.

Poly-Sil 2500

Poly-Sil 2500 is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, high solids, single component, moisture-cure, fluid-applied silicone coating.

Ure-Tek 6000

Ure-Tek 6000 system is used to form permanent, high performance, seamless membranes for use in harsh environments with demanding roofing and waterproofing applications.


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